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Lenzmen album 2:Scientific Community & Magnify Lenz
The current album in rotation featuring all four vocalists and entirely produced by Dynamics Plus
   "Our lyrics are lethal enough to be your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, (and that means main stream or underground) but we still make songs that are digestible and catchy for the masses. It all comes down to chemistry and studio execution."
       -Centri 2005

Dynamic Universe Volume 6: Doctor Atomics and
The Fortress Of Solitude

This album was released earlier in 2005 and runs along side Lenzmen album 2.
   "I am very proud of this album and feel fortunate to be able to have both Doctor Strange and Centri support my solo efforts. It's a special blessing to have talented artists like Shea and Sonya Wilder enhance my album with their voices and embrace the vision I wanted to convey. If you've never heard of me before- this album makes a great entry point into the Dynamic Universe and if you have- you won't be disappointed. I'm still sick with the scientific Hip Hop."
        - Dynamics Plus 2005

Dynamic Universe Volume 4: Run From The Fallout and
Dynamic Forces In Motion

The Fourth solo album from Lenzmen producer Dynamics Plus
   "I think it made perfect sense to combine them. They were made so close together and really, sprang from such a singular mind set- it just made sense....... I had to explore the union between producer and artist, beat maker and rhymer. I don't care what anyone says. There's just a special kind of thing that happens when you wear both hats and can really match up a concept with a track. It's more than just digging through a rhyme book and seeing what sounds hot with what. Songs like Closed Captioned and STACI have to spring from the same creative pool and be made to exist in parallel."
        - Dynamics Plus 2004