Dynamic Universe Volume 4:
Run From The Fallout and Dynamic Forces In Motion

Intro: Take One

Bend and observe the first murder words
What happens/occurs:
You was trapped in my world of thirds
On the verge of ever leaving the Earth
never seeing the birth relieve your thirst from my universe
forming a verse, the brainstorm turns words burn, word alert.
Whirlwind bulletin, bullets in flight
Like lightning strikes in the same place twice.
Locked in a sight, inside a vice for my Foresight.
Tight and my forceps- write like I'm Ice- berg, submerge:
Subterranean alien. Strange mailing= Unabomb
Cant sleep Unisom, count sheep Having dreams of Unicron
unicorn, use its horn. Jazz saxophone
Xenophobe; phone home, mind control, dial tone
I'm breaking your zone, melt the foam microphone.
Head phones blown an overdose word burst, curse of my vocal tones.


(Dynamics) Plus lightning strikes:
Descending Yang Now capital A, rapidly evaporate decorate
Decapitate mics , arrange.
Operate at high frequency range.
Capture Gamma Rays Mutate to Gray Hulks rage
Heart rate, bulk postal rates
Ghost on a train, my voltage makes vocal chords break
(Scientist) DNA chain, experiment, break your data base tape fatal erase
drain your Papermate send a still-frame to Bill Gates
scream, awake Dreamscape no escape camp Sleep Away at Crystal Lake
(Vocabulary) adverse effects, the first check special FX
bending the Lenz, then blending in edit in
seconds in, consecutive sets of sedatives
adding in acid in to massive vats I'm splashing in
(Radioactive) I count on Geiger Counters
in case of Close Encounters bases under caves of Wayne Manor.
The same manner Bruce Banner handles anger-
to capture counterfeit rappers in the lenses of my camera.

Verse 2: (Mind Action) Dynamic planets in rotation (Its Time for action!)
Closed Captioned Motion capture status
(The X-axis) where Atlas practices his balance Mantis- stance lyrically-enhanced verbal malice superb
burning circle plant, radiate/amp advanced evangelist, merc, murderous vocalist (Champion Icon) Trom, iron icon
light cycle from TRON
space knight ROM, Alion
raps: savant, taps: Savionne
maps: Ponce De Leon, throb: Fabian
Thirst: Evion, universe: Beyond silver surf see a sťance
Pens to crayons- in gloss, chaos; the black Amadeus.
(EQ) Pinpoint, pressure point pen point Power Point
awesome force of Austin, levitate like Dhalsim
communicate with dolphins, flying saucer
sorceress in dungeon summoning the Lenzmen
alien spacemen, unknown origin metal skeleton, chrome skin my zone closed: reached the end.

Atomic article

Atomic article forms the small parts of my arsenal
mind state accelerates the protons and particles
You're wearing the vest from photon, but I digest Protons
Scientist with the 15 spaceships of Voltron
Astounding! Surrounding the rap icon with orange pylons
Till he sounds out of breath and his chest squeezed in by pythons
The L's a wizards' wand, magic marching band baton
The aerosols a bomb, false gods fall asleep in my arms/
Alarms ring (hmm) checking my Green Lantern ring
The fourth fantastic fourth I'm the thing. Seen by
John Carpenter- telekinetic father Stephen Kings Firestarter.
Entering the ring wearing the armor of armor king-
holding Excalibur, like King Arthur/wearing Mordreds' golden armor
the neglected phonetic piranha: the last
antiseptic for a pathetic, generic rap genre degenerate
rap game generates monsters. Useless mutants
using the usual loops of music till it's mute and the truth is diluted
I emerge from a sound proof booth-
lowering your volume My brain is a darkroom
You're style's a fossil, wearing a clown suit as a costume
Entire image is scripted soon to star in a cartoon
Bitch ass faggot-action figure few parts move
Ghost writer from Street Fighter- Guile Sonic Boom!
Separate the styles we use Dynamic centrifuge
Plus; my Kinetic chaotic energy hunger that's huge
Forming up my brainstorm when my art form is abused.

New Element

(Dead man talking)
Dead man talking: dreams of sleep walking with Christopher Walken
Awakened in a grave with Wes Craven, with your face engraved by Rayden
Inside a six-sided iron Maiden with a lions mane like Kraven
It's Grace when pastors are walking past pastures
passing out pamphlets On the passing of
rappers gassed and turned into actors
Passing the offering plate, gagging, coughing I'm dragging your coffin into place
Donated your organs, etched off your name on my slate
You lose sleep, see the iron sheik wrapped loosely in his loose-leaf sheets
You're wrapped in rap sheet, the caption: Closed Captioned action- Cut- his oxygen off, mental block, now he's nodding off
Came up short, mic chord shorts
life support when he's taken off Flat line to a corpse
brain cells: quartz. Reign Tree, drain thoughts
Melt down solidified sound to five liquefied quarts
Rise to identify the infinite syntax Dynamics' mind will reinforce

My cranium contains two titanium rotating containers
irradiated with uranium
My brain's basted in a basin
Vertebrae: Invaded by strange aliens on the verge of murdered and re-animated.
Contaminated, tainted and face sprayed with a dangerous agent.
Plus, quoted verbatim, injected, sedated. Mind state mis-stated.
Serrated blade grates mistakes off your
often over-rated
often out dated
often played, soft and plagiarized pages.
I'm taking what you're saying as a basic case of mistaken identity.
You're mistaken.
I've missed taking today's' medication and I'm feeling edgy.
Delusional mutant, unusual music-
Usually using illusion to elude and lose Emcees
With weed tree leafs and loose leaf sheets.
You're skewered, maneuvered into a sewer.
Rescue crews are forced to resort to all sorts of smelling salts
And dogs to sort the course for your corpse. Body parts litter the course.
You're found gagged, bound, dragged underground, stabbed faced face-down.
Bloody, stained, naked, strangulated, drained and mutated
In two titanium containers like the first like was rotating.
Now it's evident, you're dealing with a brand New Dynamic Element

Rhyme Test

Who's the most ferocious?
I paralyze the closest. Flow exposes the heavy doses of hypnosis.
The East Coast posts notices: Focus on/ notice my ghost
man your post, standing too close/demanding I roast
Need a coach? Ride my stage coach- holding my coat.
You ride in coach, nigga: hold the roach-clip
Keep my quote: sleeping lion hates to be poked.
Provoking my toast, lying bitch, hoe; don't approach
-swearing I won't- wear your rope when I slit your throat.
fighting for sure, grip my lightning bolt
A thousand volts. Loudest applause, down on all fours.
Screaming for: force it in raw till you're hoarse, course
thoughts sore, circular saw, saw before, never kept in awe.
Circle your flaws, see your world, circulate your fall
Aggravate, agitate your mind state
Accelerate your pulse rate, irritate intakes, (he)takes my take
Imitates, inmate intimidates. Timid, limited space
Acidic taste. You're a basic case.
I spit in your face, you should know
Changing zip-codes, Marlon Brando, Doctor Moreau blocking your glow
Doors locked, knock, knocked into a zone
The Box: toxic belt, notched sick clock ticks
Brain washed, watch the watch wave. Slab lays sideways
In the slides of my lab tray, lap-top displays:
the grotesque, most corrosive Rhyme Test
intense experiment LENZMEN.

Blessed Fallout

I'm like Jarels son next to a red sun
Dynamics is beyond 2001 like the addition of a brand new sun.
I rise in the east when I demonstrate my internal energies
My Ensoniq evaporates your Poland Springs
Striking on many keys My Roland sings
controlling you by pulling strings
I dominate Emcees when I demonstrate my supreme mental faculties.
Factories are building facsimiles
the fact is Exactly, they lack the active:
to quite capture or copy my chemistry.
Mentally as a Lenzmen-
I'm like Venom, an enhanced Spiderman
with miniature mic devices implanted in the palms of my hands
or using Repulsor Rays like Iron Man -firing beams from my hand
-pulling your guns to my hand like Vader having dinner with Han
Solo-ists are singled out for scientific destruction
terrific introduction. My Cyphers a sťance or some sort of discussion
on which rappers should be abducted, lyrically constructed
then taken apart and analyzed for their higher brain functions

My Fallout Shelter assembly harnesses electricity.
To change properties, physically it's like mental alchemy.
Meta-physically it's slavery. It's archaic and symbolic
Of acidic lyrics scripted in Arabic.
Hidden in Egyptian hieroglyphs written in italics so I maintain balance.
Illuminated states of radiance.
A dazzling display of brilliance dazes 85% of the audience.
I came to the Earth in an Ark when I insert light for dark.
The borders of my portrait illuminated form a watermark.
My science is a sign of planetary alignments.
I'm in solitary confinement, I was blessed with 13 talents.
And 13 disciples, 12 disciplines, 11 elevated levels of consciousness
Zen and 10 different medicines. 9 states of the living proof of the
7 states I meditate in. 6 sides of my coffin.
5 Lenzmen of origin, 4 sides of the pyramid, 3 remaining states of matter
Static, warning Dynamic Force is forming a brainstorm for planets
An enormous magnet attracting, adapting to my mind actions.
Insert control rods to control the flow of gods...
as a Titan when I write my Foresight is like a lightning rod.

Songs To Remember

I seen her watching films of Malcolm-X
The high supreme queen of mathematical, matters of intellect
She said she's ready, rockin steady for my Eveready
Stresses is heavy, she said it's envy of my memories
It never fades, stays faithful to this day
In many ways changes, but it always seems to stay the same
She said imagine: a more perfect universe
You and I versus all, universally in awe
The mic clenched, Nell sent to quench your thirst
Determined to burst, my words give the gift to learn
For all concerned, you're the first to see my world turn
Unheard of sights and sights that I never heard

She hit with arrows from the god of love Eros
Even since she said "I'm your girlfriend"- you saw through the Lenz
Pretty brown from Brownsville, Spanish Ma from Panama
Second seed, second scar, second story La
We paid a medium a small fee
To make a large guess at future degrees my jewel empress
Denise said "forever carry your prints, if you're
Truly convinced this isn't it when you reminisce."

The Dox said "You should meet my girls' sisters' friend"
She wasn't playing and the Lenz is elevation
She couldn't wait DAT 128
Her foster parents never heard of talents.
Or felt attraction to rotating planets.
Madonna; she used to Verne, but she never seen Adonis
Dynamics furnace of burn.
The last choice, my voice is heard with moist effects.
Till my Tascam DAT Tape, tape deck gets ejected
Highly respected, lightly treaded, thoughtfully reflected
Mostly pensive, sensitive with only one message.

It's time for Closed Captioned, mostly motion capture status
He said she loves her parents with affection for Dynamics
She orbits my planets, making major transactions
Backing into this world-
Rock my Kappa jacket, hug my girl
Holding my eights, delayed my seed, operated
Traded into this game, debated lengths and chains-
Broke her hymen and waited- decades later hyphenated
The Tree Of Life branch, the mantis-stance finances chants
Advances in class till life is enhanced
Till the past is the past and we exodus back to ash
Stand next to this- witness my solar system
Slipping into a vision of Saturn's Rings, eternal circle thing.

STACI (Step On The Transport)

As I Step On The Transport at a spaceport-
there to import Important documents and portents to off world spaceports
-that's STACI: Strategic Tactical Attacks
my computer interface encased in my braincase
the ghost in my shell, membranous cortex suspended in a protein gel.
A base of operations, stay of communications
A cyborg series circuit board-
extension cords wrap around my spinal cord
A reactor acts as my power core
I met my contact; computer hack; hit man with a contract
His jack accepts VHS cassettes and Betamax
4 track was tapped, a tip off he intended a trap
-for out-dated flows and non matching codes- my terminals closed.
STACI, send a brain spike, teletype, swiping his website
Freeze the memory chips leave his assembly disk dried and wiped
His brain piece glows, the gels in his skull glows
He's left as an empty husk raided by STACI and Dynamics Plus.
-then he self-destructs- with enough backflow to overload flows.
Fused circuit path, chrome Reboot, download and re loop
Glass eye magnifies classified documents
And in an instant it prints in six different tints
magnifies fine print Try ultra-violet visors,
changing heat bio-patterns Gyro stabilizers
using internal thermal bio-scanners
High-tech optics break mental blocks and delirium
Internal gyroscopes focuses, returns my equilibrium Checking your voicemail
he receives a page From a data package; a carrier or a courier
The same one we damaged earlier A girl android
STACI log on when she drops it As my optics perform electronic self diagnostics

Now its on to phase two, Fembot robot rendezvous
I'm meeting the double agent, trading Lotus Notes and pages
photos of a folder- multiple angles and cams
Cameras capture her parameters as my brain waves are scanned
Scantron scan, pan right- scroll past the Foresight
STACI, relax I got fragments encoded on sixteen tracks Loaded down intact
flows on file for the fax
STACI dis-engage the interface: viral infection
Electric antiseptic disinfectant
Internet nexus disconnection the lines are severed. Waves flat line, loss of telemetry
unauthorized entry Send in a brain spike memory banks blank Emergency shank
closed circuit surgery power surging
Currently its AC to DC, STACI Its Back on line
sending data along her axon Impact on her net
cracking and shattering her nexus mental flex
Logged on to cortex bombs, lexicon alarms Internal burner turns on
mind action to melt the ions
She dies with her eyes open, mouth open smoking
Her eyes close, smoke pours out her nose Mouth closed then she explodes
Download the info, mission accomplished
Now its back to the transport at a spaceport and ending my report.

Dynamic Forces In Motion

Wizard Is In

Wizard waves his wand over waves
Plays tricks in his palms
Hand raised sword rose from the pond

The Wizard Is In, elegant deficit- your speech impediment
You have a deficit, you should have defect to the Lenz
-been pushed to the ledge, staring over the edge of the precipice
This is designed to push scientific lyricists
many rhymes written in a panic state of Dynamic Exodus
And alien autopsies
Bring a hanger for late-term abortion scenes in hangar 13
I'm in Hangar 13 waiting for the late Arrival team with Charlie Sheen
The machine is very complicated:
lots of pretty flashing lights, buttons and knobs.
The pulsations awakens an agitated God
I wish I was an almighty deity casting judgment
delivering punishment. Trial by off-the-head freestyle
to my astonishment
for your promotional budget your skills are sadly lacking
the Penalties banishment. Active catalyst is closer to a quotient
Ingredients commotion, locally the motion of my vocals
causes implosion in doses. Mostly corrosive, more closely explosive
Look closely, exposure foam pad absorbs the moisture.
Your mouth needs closure, stand closer, I'm claustrophobic Walls closing in, air thin, packages wrapped in
Passengers strapped in, air passages collapsing
Massacre of back stage passes.
After trips for acid, we'll inhale your ashes
And say a small prayer for your passing
It's the Aerosols, Dynamic and his Mind Action.
Dynamic Mind Action

My Foresight makes me sensitive to light.
Last Interview With A Vampire
What transpires, you expire after being hit with a tire iron
then branded with a hot iron- holding but never firing
You were fired for lying:
said you had clients. Said you had science
said you had the heart of a lion
I won't deny I said you were a faggot-ass bitch with a mouth just like a vagina
My dick barely fits in. saw me on the internet and started calling
Your planets are falling, you're the perfect example-
The Emcee that only admits I'm nice after losing a battle
I'm Doctor Precise,a scientist, word surgeon
You're a follower, sperm swallower
Abnormal Norman Bates is murdered with vertical
Circular swings of my surgical blades
You should be afraid of the dark, pull up to the cipher
See my car and be scared to park
Scarred by something shiny and sharp
You're lightly involved, psyche slightly evolved
You're likely to dissolve, step lightly or be the likeliest to fall
The DJ in the dancehall that asks which record is spinning
Then runs home to his crates and starts digging
The Emcee that plans his freestyles beginning
Finds himself surrounded my womenv Screaming where's the bitches?
This is the exact position The Wizard Is In
Dynamic Lenzmen
Envision the sick definition of Wizard Is in
The Wizard Is In

Motion Lesson

So rock the motion- show devotion, increase your doses
Dynamics flows is close to roller coaster motion
tour the ocean put my coast in motion
The locomotion, my time is high and close approaching

In Run From The Fallout-
I gave you science to reflect upon
Now you're expecting your rap icon to eat through
The layers of your Teflon
I'm the Master Of The Universe a Man-At-Arms
Still heavily armed with only one arm like Carl Weathers in the Predator
Phonetic phenomenon, sound wave mutant
Xavier's greatest student
Sitting in the lecture of Hannibal Lechter
Spitting acidic verses with an abrasive and grating texture
De-grading your papers and confiscating your pages
Carbon-dating your brainwaves, negated in radiated stages.
I'm raiding your stage show
It's the source of the glow in the back row.
Lighting your world on fire- your whole sound is tired
shots are fired! Reach for your iron
Your iron-on patch is apparent, you're transparent
Need variance in your patterns
I close your larynx, make you scream for your parents
Have dreams of my phallus
Your whole style should be embarrassed, lost your balance
Forfeit to challenge, fall quick to damage
Frost bit your cabbage, abandoned - you rhyme like the average
Master: the mic is passed it's the first rapper to vanish
examine the passage it's rockin motion by Dynamics
examine the passage it's rockin motion by Dynamics

Mic cord shorted- brainwave distortion.
Lenzmen performing abortions
Intestine contortion increasing the portion intended for absorption
I've hooked in to the Source force feeding your fetus
It's deformed, I'm forming a thesis- "Performing Without Anesthesia"
Breaking your Alesis into pieces, seized in a seizure of amnesia
Please, don't be startled by Aristotle's reasoning
You started rhyming recently, that explains the frequency
-same vocabulary dominates the industry
Rappers should be retreated and treated for treason
Penalties for repeating are hanging from a tree of degrees
slipped into a deep-freeze and reheated
You're helping to spread the disease. When an Emcee is reduced to his
Lowest common denominator
I have a ventilation chamber similar to Darth Vaders
Impressive, most impressive...
You're not even close to guessing
Mind Action Motion Lesson

Pray for prey, never paid to play
DNA test scientist run experiments
Blessed event mind action Closed Captioned
Formatted inter-active, attractive slash massive
Assassin past acid- so fastly fascinated
Raps is integrated
Emaciated by these statements
You need to wait, increase your reps
Your style's a light-weight about to bench
About a thousand pounds of rocket thrust
Dynamics Plus; Lyricist to bust
Rock your Lenz
Divine exodus.

Closed Captioned

Time for action. My brain made a chain reaction
Affirmative action, superb verbalist, a Mantis
Closed Captioned, mostly motion notes (X-axis)
Advanced evangelist, lyrically enhanced
Marvelous vocabulist, lists- sick lyric vocalist
Definition is: mantis Manta-Ray
Vast array of rays- magician with x-ray vision displays
In addition to your superstition is the addiction to my diction
prediction from Jean Dixon
You'll sign a petition, slight premonition been placed in position
I've swallowed The Hidden
Now I'm headed in your direction, collection to fall victim
Your hazard lights are blinking
The Residence Evil Nemesis in 3 has visited
You're rapping hap-hazard delivery is twisted
Filled in when something is missing
Hazard a guess at who's assisted, listen to The Lords Of Mischief
Twitching, sit still while I finish your stitching
Imagination is stretching, you're in transition
Haley's alien transmission, transmitting phantom missions
Dynamic ammunition splits into intuition
Into a verse for the tail Dynamic Universe

I feel a disturbance in the force - heavy turbulence
Lurking Emcees are murdered on the verge of never being heard of
Profession like the mentalist Kreskin, Professor-X
Extreme scientist Lenzmen, X is the bombsite
The Unabomber writes a single-spaced letter of invite
To Sissy Spacek on Prom Night.
I'm a ROM space knight, I'm a Roman gladiator
I'm Russell Crowe
I re-animate as the Crow, Green Arrow, East Coast Avenger
I'm Dr. Mind-Bender with the DNA of Hannibal Lechter
Mortal Combat Sector, Star Gladiator Vector
I blacked out on a tangent, now back to Carrie I'm Jim Carrey carrying on a conversation with Edison
He said the objective is directed at perfection
When it come to varying inventions-
None are close to the Lenzmen.
The ghost of Jim Henson mentioned:
Most rappers are puppets that need to pay more attention to
Concepts and substance- injected in an instance
In a verse at the head of my Dynamic Universe

Working Title

Times are changing- the final stage is amazing
Changing your station- the face of Rap re-arranging
Lyricists awaken: scientists are taking
Replacing your pages with elevated states of creation

It's Run From The Fallout: Once the wizard is in
You're the Smithsonian custodian polishing the glass
case I keep Relics in. Wolverines adamantium skeleton
Terminators fist sits a basin of protein gelatin
Talk to the mannequin I'm J.F. Sebastian A perfect
replica of the Replicant Pris says Hello when you walk in
in the hallway hangs the face mask of Jason
adjacent to Dick Grayson's, next to Leather faces.
Above Freddy Krueger's glove
on my answering machine's a phone message left by Jimi Hendrix
reminding me to return his head band and guitar pics.
That reminds me to check my mailbox for my Unabomber starter kit.
I receive a small box in it's a clock from Dark City's John Murdock
and the D.O.Cs'. receipt -the invoice for his brand new voice box
I receive a folder in a box from Fox Molder
in the Box is a snapshot of a closed box and an unknown soldier
And a posted photo-op from Photoshop and a poster
A close up of the opened box close to a fallen soldier
No response. My insane sťance- vocalist
Host of the ghost show my conscience is correspondent
The audience: brainwashed while watching waving watches
now watch the rage raise notches Mike Wallace will help
Synchronize the watches. I see dogs barking and burning
babies in ink blotches. I'm summoning something monstrous
I'm the ghost of the M-Train host.
Get off my train of thought-
taking quotes off of my post-it notes
like the final verse in recital simply entitled:
Working Title to close. It's Run From The Fallout Shelter Yo!