Tabulated release meter dictates:
The entire Dynamica Music resource and the AVX have been activated to support the 2 albums out now. We are running with Dynamics Plus: Doctor Atomics and The Fortress Of Solitude and The Lenzmen album 2: Scientific Community & Magnify Lenz. As always- we thank you for your continued support and ask you to stay tuned for additional videos and appearances.

Battle Planet Story, the Remix
The battle Planet Story from lenzmen Album 2 is remixed and made into a video.

Centri at The New Art Lounge
Centri drops the last verse from Kill Or Die acapella at the New Art Lounge show.

Doctor Strange at the Cop Shop
Another free-verse video clip. It's Doctor Strange over a track produced by PRO.

Dynamics Plus Ghost Machines
This is a video for the single: Ghost Of Machines from Dynamics Plus- Dynamic Universe Volume Six:Doctor Atomics and The Fortress Of Solitude.

lenzmen 110 Cosmic Transmission
The B-Side video for 110 Cosmic Transmission from The Lenzmen Album 2:Scientific Community and Magnify Lenz.

lenzmen Downtown
Video of The Lenzmen and Pro doing a freeverse after their show at the Downtown.

Dynamics Plus Album Intro
See a video interlude for The Album intro: Entrance Verse specially made as an advert for the Dynamics Plus- Dynamic Universe Volume Six:Doctor Atomics and The Fortress Of Solitude.

lenzmen Centri
This is a taping of Creative Writing. Centri makes an guest appearance during an Uncommon Music show and performs one of the tracks from the Centri solo album Article 16 with NASA (who produced it).

lenzmen Definition Interlude
Watch a video from the a Lenzmen Album interlude Definition borrowed from the AVX live projection shown at smaller venues.

Dynamics Plus Doctor Atomics Under the watchful eye of Doctor Atomics, The Dynamics Plus constructs tracks for the Audio Visual Experiment Productions deep below the Lenzmen Headquaters. He is assisted by AMy Fiona Lexington- The Actice Monitoring Frequency Liason- the positronic bioid created by Doctor Atomics to maintain the sonic integrity of the Fallout Shelter.
Here are a few sample beats from Dynamics Plus Tracks assorted volumes.
Net Capture   Voiceboxx   History Of The Lost Island   Asylum Pad   Far Galaxae  

The AVX Interactive Sound Module designed by Doctor Atomics

Remix a track by activating different drum tracks and selecting from various musical elements and sound effects.Use the Stop Sound botton in the lower right to start over. The AVX ISM requires a Flash enabled browser to operate.
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