Dynamic Universe Volume 6:
Doctor Atomics and The Fortress Of Solitude

Entrance Verse

[Dynamics Plus]
--- well versed in murderous verses
with a purpose to surge me to the surface
where I deserve to be inserted first
Served first, circulated first I'm so immersed--
I'm much too diverse to die first
that's why I'm driving you in a hearse
I arrive with a live verse.
It's like I've got a dry thirst for afterbirth
after I After Burn match point serve returned
After rehearsing my verse your version will reversed
cursed with worse words and coerced worst than Patti Hearst
Holding you attention span for ransom the fan ran gasping
Couldn't imagine the camera from Cannon in my hands flashing
To capture the hammer action of a cannon blasting raps at random
I'm casting from a trash can my Charles Manson anthem
I picked a kid nap note to roll
please enclose my quotes in quotes
higher than a 9-volt; you're holding electrodes
See the arena explode- I'm fully exposed grand finale flow
Finally your throat is closed
you're thrown in my slow choke out hold
Rage in a cage I came to the stage to unmask Cain
Able to maim and maintain and reign over any terrain
Let's discuss the ring rust in your lungs be to succumbed
It's the same to us - it aint angel dust. So run from the Plus
Contenders tender tendons tend to tear.
I contend your past tense I passed you last year
who's last: standing here
I'll wear your inner ear
I'm the heir apparent you're transparent
It's apparent I'll match all your patterns and attack your larynx
my order form in odorless form borders on chloroform
I'm warming my brain storm when I perform my face deforms
and forms an enormous gorge, a ravenous horde energy source
pulling you toward my sharpened sword -when I drain your thoughts
I have plans to implant and ignore your Norplant implant
In case you can't get a transplant or cardiac lacks the amps
My stomachs upset by undigested segments of your sentence
The masked menace I'm grabbing an ant-acid like Pepcid
I blaze in the back so feel the Back draft of Flames fanned back
the Fans'll stand back and stare till he taps
then play taps and lower the flag to half mast
then ask "Who has the other half of his face mask?"
when they walk past.
Face the fact the case is closed
it's a Closed casket match
I compose my entrance verse
it's a mad math- raps from my abstract lab

Get It Right While I Write

[Dynamics Plus]
This may take a while
Analyze the style get it right while I write
Maybe all of this is just too much for you
Could be my views are made to only touch a few
Maybe the Lenz only comes around every
Now and then think again when you grab the pen

Your Raps an act that's so inaccurate so I chose to
Go with a flow that's the most appropriate to choke you with
No alternate for the spent clip or cartridge
Ejected in the spit of a sick lyricist.
Who's this that claims to be the utmost?
- standing so close to Me with his eyes closed.
What I compose and wrote Will decompose most.
I feel close to Nostradamus I'll Absorb all you know.
Plus; I'm Nick Nolte, note.
I'm Like lightning strikes, my flow's a thunderous bolt.
You're a Joke, lyrics little jolt like licking the end of a nine volt.
I'm Lou Ferrigno, quote: Soon as this blunt sheds its Skin and molts
I'll join Swayze pushing that coin in ghost.
48 hrs more fiends fiend for morphine
I'd advise you get visine we keep everything green.
Been a fiend since sixteen and seen sicker
Scenes than sealed in the ceilings of the Sistine- that's my sixteen.

Lenzmen, brain chip Pentium- engine Intel
High class level, Die-cast metal.
Spent Clip and shell, tougher mettle. Resin by Revell
I can tell you're a toy- made by Mattel
While Roy Batty plays chess with Tyrell.
I'm a Battery- composed from the volts of a million Duracells
William Blatty exorcised the Ghost From my Shell.
I'm the Son of Ja'rell- wearing the red suit from The Cell
While little Carol Ann watched the TV static
Little Jon Benet went away on the eve of the pageant
Now imagine, the Man of steel down in a single leap
In the real world Christopher Reeves receives a wreath
Under my supervision- kids become transparent
In parallel it's apparent to even mild mannered Bruce Banner
should listen the leader of an elite league Of gentlemen
leaking the sickest speeches, The Lenzmen.

The Griffin Mantis- Dynamically Energized Emcee
Lenzmen Cipher, circular AVX-3
Accustom, lyricists to the sound of the spit
Grounded and surrounded by 106 Agent Smiths
It's just fair- some just smoke to escape-
Some smoke is bound to escape
I slowly closed his casket and broke it down to his face
Rap's in a drastic state
I'm a basket case
bracketed in a straight jacket
My cassette with reinvigorate, re- energize And resuscitate-
keep weak emcees running- seeking Sustenance
- form an acid substance secreted from my stomach
I'm sick in a dozen
hit the bulls eye in the soundproof
And switch suits with Collin Farrell when he's in the phone booth
And recruit Colin Fergusson to let loose.
I animate and Produce verses to reduce the power of those in the room-
Like the end of Superman II in his fortress of solitude.

The Big Dynamic Robot Show

[Dynamics Plus]
I heard a comment: The Big Dynamic Robot
Fell to the Earth in the tail of a comet
But to my knowledge the power of robotics
Was honed and first harnessed by Doctor Atomics
The great invention scientists created
To face off against space alien invasions
And I'm Dynamics, Plus I'm the Pilot
AKA the Mantis trained well to fly it
My watch hands snap into place-
I inter- face with my watch face and launch from a mountain base
the whole world sees him as a champion sent to defend
- but then again the aliens see him as a god head
and send men to challenge him.
They won't cease but increase for the reasons:
they want to launch as soon as they beat him-
a full scale invasion as soon as we're defeated
- something lands in the city
full red alert Big, Dynamic plus Quickly
(you're armed with foresight)defeat any enemy
(Your God is Light) and meet the alien entity
"Encounter the monster after short transmission
A word from the sponsors and a brief inter-mission."

From overhead I slowed and lowered down.
He Put the building down and slowly turned around.
Big Beast behemoth -a walking monolith
Verse my cast-iron Giant Goliath.
I started the fray with my sonic delay it rumbled
As sky scrapers crumbled away - he tumbled
On my two-way "Mantis, end the melee"
My chest opens up super gun fires up.
My Noise gate blaster and his eye sockets shattered
Instantly fired as if vision didn't matter.
If felt like we'd been hit by a hammer.
He Blew out my scanners as images scattered.

I rose to my feet and stumbled a bit
Heard a rumble and knew I was targeted
His shoulder lit I could see He was charging it
I have a plan: charging him when he fires it.
I leapt away and the death ray glanced.
I landed in my combat mantis fighting stance
From his hand came a spinning lance. I finished
It with a backhand slash never had a chance
Ran in close for a sumo throw.
His hip starts to glow. And I see the sword he holds
I let go and let Ensoniq blow
and Blew off his sword arm just below the elbow.
He turned halfway and started to raise
from his back came a radar ray array antennae.
The Laser ray melted my face away halfway.
My Hand opened halfway a sound heard miles away
Left him with rib cage ripped away.
Electronic lightning arced
His backpack sparked then it blew apart
I reached in and pulled out his heart.
Put my fist in his chest then the rest blew apart.
Among explosions take to the sky and
detach the strap that hangs around my waistline
I lift the belt and Let the moment soak in-
I'm the Giant grand champion Dynamic standing over him.

Far Beyond Your Range

[Dynamics Plus]
From the Astral Plane the soundwaves of supernatural
Sail the seven seas, it's across the Sargasso
We can play, navigate the singularity---
Your world unfolds and you can see the similarities
Feel a rush too soon to see clarity
in Tune with the universe, understand it spans galaxies
Galaxae. My ship shaped like an A .
From the Plain of galaxy rays, far beyond your range.
We could surf across the stars
make a Palace on Mars, on a lave filled lake
take a trip to Oz, we could bathe in comet showers
and watch the super-novas, from the solar flare flowers
Feel the rush of this cosmic stuff and write
our names in the tail of a comets' dust
This is Plus, on a Green Planet page
from the plain of galaxy rays, Far Beyond Your Range


[Dynamics Plus]
Many high speed blows, bleed closed in flows, high- degree
accuracy, excellent expertise my Tai-Chi achieves

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
UFC trophies, brief acceptance speech off of loose leaf-
You lose sleep, count sheep, Iron Sheik wrapped in a white sheet

[Dynamics Plus]
Speedy delivery, small packages, air passages collapses
from killer guillotine actions unmasked assassin I'm handling

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Left gasping, puffin, asking for aspirin, Bufferin
suffering, clutching a handful of Advils, smashed by my anvil

[Dynamics Plus]
Breaking and bracing vertebras, Gracie eye-rakes laced with
abrasive basement acid effacing, erasing, racing cardiac patients

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Consider your carcass a donation to the Hart Foundation
Doctors dictation is inhalation of mouth to mouth resuscitation

[Dynamics Plus]
Face the Leatherface, masked assassin matt master
Scientific Aggressive Fighting Technology. S.A.F.T.A.

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Turn your tone to low, alter your audio
your hearing goes from mono to stereo when Mysterio goes aerial

[Dynamics Plus]
My match of masteries the mat's my mattress, my formats hazardous
gas masked and slashing, blood splashes across my canvass with-

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Criss-cross, x'ed off, figure-four, dragged off, your coffin lid
My lyrics dig, jig, strip down flows amino acid chains of combos

[Dynamics Plus]
Intravenous vaccine, slow submission choke out hold
unfolding screen- slow motion flying guillotine and killing machine

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Approach the ring in a stage coach and chariot, jaguar lariat
Armor King, irrational mechanical half animal

[Dynamics Plus]
With Mankind's mandible dismantles mantles mangles
Angles, entangles strangles the throats of adults and small animals

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Grab you Haz-mat mask for the grappling task-master
Scientific Aggressive Fighting Technology. S.A.F.T.A.

Look At My Lifestyle

Open up your X-file
to take years off your life
to study my lifestyle
before you grab mics around me
Open up your X-file
to see my Millenium
to study my lifestyle
before you grab mics around me

Zilla's manila folder says
black and vanilla rappers extract when I extract raps
the Highlanders back to exile heads from high hats
my thumbtacks attached to drum tracks they pierce your hard hat
you can call me Jack the Ripper
if you're an avid reader
try to read this infra-red before the Reaper meets ya
best seller number one can you digest a gun?
Zilla's memoirs similar to Atilla the Hun's
Hitler's son the Lenzmen my Third Reich
I finally see the top of his wind pipe on my third swipe
I'm on my third strike your head rolling
aimed down the lane somewhere in Columbine bowling
if you're athletic he won't use his scissors
he'll just poison your Brita
and watch you die on the shitter

this David Berkowitz...
with the wits of Kevin Spacey
without fingertips using Gasey's fingerprints
a full time job for the murders I commit
should get 401k and health benefits
if you a heavy bleeder the savage creature brings a cup
rip you up from his Nip and Tuck procedure then zips you up

[Dynamics Plus]
I was encased in a cave for an entire Millennium
My brain baked in a basin , Irradiated with uranium
Antsy and anxious on the edge the world is pressuring
So alone and confused again my girl is questioning
(what's the future) I'm using every tactic and tool
To Answer Mr. Methuselah my Queen rules over Jewels
Maybe I'm Jules Verne sub-submerge the Nautilus
I think I'm too generous (you're just selfish and self- centered)
At this stage it's dangerous to engage in pointless debate
At this junction I can't afford to be ordinary
- but that's a whole ' nother story
Frank Black meet Joe Black
fade to black When you fail to or act or acknowledge facts
mad scientist makes a Frankenstein brain from Ed Gein
the spine's supplied to build a shrine (he's alive)
Maybe it ends when you're headless -at the end of Seven
Deadly sins commit the water wash away and rinse
and since the cloud reminisce Macleod
Ramirez used to say..
Richard Ramirez ...
a walking nightmare in an insane way
While Mr. Brundle fly tries to teleport away
Geena Davis would say :"Be afraid, be very afraid"
look at my X-files, my life style a turn-style
on any given Sunday my sub submerge to subway

Focal Point

[Dynamics plus]
Object lodged in, blocked his oxygen: list
Encompass something monstrous. Come pass, I'm pass the point
More hollow tips then west point, see how my compass points
Follow this mad-cap math map match format
Uncommon accomplice is an accomplished scientist-
Published as sick rub my Petri dish and make a wish-
get Lifted with a hoist
breathing restricted by
Hoyce Gracie, case in point, from my vantage point I break your joints
Still not convinced, I'm set to rinse, six-inch syringe
Stick it in, jaw unhinged -it's such a cinch to swallow him
I dare you to follow in
I inject my text with Tetanus
interlock blocks like Tetris
Mark you senses absent, trapping rats in a lab
an elaborate labyrinth
your raps a captive of Captain Dynamics
I pinpoint your pressure points, my ball point
pen Points, scripts, rip your joints
the boiling point you disappoint I mainly came to mame
not afraid to aim the flame and blaze-
A way to raise my name, raise the stakes arrange your grave
I changing the pattern of my gray matter in a grave matter
spinning around the rings of Saturn till William Shatner shatters
My focal point, inflammation joint, information point
Bend my Lenz it ends in exclamation point

Now back to the voice box, boxed and blocked his optics
And blocked his oxygen, boxing with god is not an option in
This elite league, you need to leak at least a liter to repeat my
Heated speech, the heat seeker, the Grim reaper,
he Follows the Leader My last Platoon
consumes confuse using Rubix Cubes
To molest the Molecules- I'm better than you
at blessing the test tubes
When I said you mind was mine and
muted mimes, and left him locked
In an invisible box with
infinite sides, hike,
you lifted my rhymes Plagarized the page
so I changed the ways words arranged to leave you
Chained in a glass cage with David Blane till you go insane
Let the world rewind and watch, we gave Doctor Strange a
Concave, the highest brain, Centris' page is a place of pain
And last is Earthadox, the verse is first unorthodox the
Earth composed of rock, the dox the most murderous mind glock
The first Dynamics, disturbed verse I'm serving them mind blocs
you're Locked in the sight
the foresight, the forcepts of Cyclops Pre-scripted sickness
Sigmund Freud destroys your voice box.
I've Earned the undertakers urn
my words deserved to be preserved
My mind mummified
the curse the world learns I'm worst
The higher horror graphic after scripted listed :gifted
Dynamic is the Griffin Avid avid fan of fanatics
The most, the Mantis/man from Atlantis its planet to axis
With plans to practice from maps to atlas I annex your atlas
I predict the lunatic hear the ticks from his convict tracking anklet
The shank Battle banquet, Frank Castle verses vanish
Ship into orbit slit your optic orbit - morph the language
to match the address, from the mouth of madness
it's verses to vanquish
with more anger then even Bruce Banner could summon or manage
the breaking point, break point , striking the match at match point
Dynamic hits the center court, this course a killing sport

Fortress Of Solitude

Ghost Of Machines

[Dynamics plus]
Here's a tone to blow holes through your headphones
Invade your zone and raid the data from your catacombs
I wrote a quote for your tombstone you should atone or
Read a tome it's very well known you're a copy clone
Phone home to post pone- you wrote alone.
No, a ghost plays host. -you owe a note. know: I wrote a loan.
Who's home to hone? -Back from the phantom zone
Thrown from your throne of gold, froze with your throat closed

Before he said here we go I burn Rome for Nero you
Sacrifice a hero standing at his ground zero the
Master card imperial, vocally my vehicle
if it's Inconceivable they bleed to be believable.
So I changed the ratio, irradiate your radio
Flowing so fierce I pierce both ears for stereo
Replace the fear. Here, prepare for burial
Killing for the serial, in the mirror is a miracle.

I'm the closest thing to Stephen King akin to a
King like Kipling forged in Lord of The Rings
I become anything like the cells from the thing
It's like little thing from the screen in the Ring
I cut the puppet string and your chain of thought links to
Force you from the faucet and drown while your drink
You in this ring is a dangerous thing.
Get hit with fire heat from the Ghost Of Machines

Interactive Construction Module

Here's a gory story /special oratory from my
under- ground laboratory I'm extraordinary (extra ordinary)
In my special club you like relying on your guns
There's too much iron in your blood.
May I quote Magneto not even his cap from Devo
can insulate his brain from waves I generate with TiVo.
Psycho commando Marlon Brando sees the horror
The horoscope of hopeless soul, my Phantom of the Opera tones
17 My music theme is constantly seen by Constantine-
and now Neo sees the Demon Seed he defeats machines
(Scientist conducts experiments) to mix the Matrix
from Optimus, to make a super secret agent Six
placed in the Matrix to make an anit-agent smith
to use the Lenz Linguistics, forge a Lenzmen lyricist

Easy To See

When I'm building lots of energies-
released inside me, a thousand degrees
When I Emcee I move at fast speeds...
You catch nose bleeds, slow down. What you need?
Hey, it's here, a thousand degrees, scientist degrees-
building inside me
When I release and radiate my energies
the action seems so Easy To See

[Dynamics Plus]
Its the Atomic Volume Xperiment; The AVX 3
The L.E.N.Z-M.E.N. Emcees
The supreme semantic mantis, lyrical lexicon
The alien icon sitting inside a spaceship -shaped like a pentagon
Dynamic Emcee from Cybertron:
Gravity Reduced Ion Force Field Inside A Neutron
Imagine the MANTIS, this acronym's in appliance:
The Mechanical Atomic Narrative Turned Into A Science
After several seances I found out where the Voltron Black Lion is
Scientist Conducts Xperiments:
Till the atheists seen Jesus jump off the Crucifix
It's a question of divinity, at the Trinity site-
you seen a bright flash of light, locked in Trinities sights
you and the Agent fell from a height,
momentarily phased and facing your twilights
I arrive like Superman might
to scoop you up, up and away
and swoop off into the night

It's the god highly vaunted, most talented, most wanted
and lauded. Ordered the crowd to: applauded.
In Quake 3 I'm the equivalent of a QUAD with the Gauntlet.
Every hall is haunted. It's my Hallmark and calling card
to leave star-shaped scars on your body parts.
Teaching's an art. Even my pupils are sharp.
Your eyes are bleeding, you're reading my Seeing Eye Charts
Image perverts, reverts, inverts and reverses
works like these keep me impervious to your verses.
(excuse me Mrs Stewardess...) can I plug in my X-Box?
I have Cyclops ruby-red Raybans in a box
I have travel plans involving a flight manual and Koran
underneath the medial band is an illegible brand:
"Anything flammable banned" X is etched in the palm of my hand
the bomb's a concept that expands until you understand
I'm changing the dial, my style's vile- it's viral in a vial.
In a spiral notebook here's multiple styles take a look...

Well I'm the villainous vocalist-
you claim to die harder than Bruce Willis
but I'm the Unbreakable Doc Atomics: Dynamic Scientist!
Tony Atlas: sick physique, meet the athlete from Crete
will compete, completely defeat, completely deplete-
the energies from Emcee in a Meet
melt the cleats from their feet
you receive the receipt: realize the size of my seismic wave
The Richter registers irregular rhyme verses
the victim/victor Vitor Belfort: black Lex Luthor
Hammer thrown from the king of war
hits from the hand of Thor
Son of Odin, Damien controlling the dobermans in The Omen
my opponent lacks the components- my condolences
Lenzmen: focus the vocalist. You're forced to forfeit
as I force four-fifths of my fingertips
in any available orifice.
As an attensive, intensive demented dentist
Pay full attention. Metal's in your mouth-
authors' orthodontist.
When I said my ship was shaped like a discus
I meant we could settle this
without rhyming childish-
take it straight to the level of physical violence
each quote is potent:
"I'm the villainous vocalist."

Machine Slave

Why you never ever seem to be
the lover only here with me
-in a day dream completely seen or satisfied with me?
We have been from A to Z
it's Been clearly seen you hold the key
to Set me free from these machines

[Dynamics Plus]
I radiate a past age for my Half Life
For a decade and a day for my Shelf life
The renegade dare to date (someone else's wife)
Back in the days in a daze when it wasn't right
I sink it in skin tinted like cinnamon
Whispering, talking it, see her walking in
It's a rush (rush on) it's a sin
Hush (rush, rush on) usher new era in
Marsha marching in- partially wanting in
Warning him she's about to ring
In any world it's a word to see what
we would we be if she was free from machines

You break it all Down to two
I wish it would conclude in a future view
a Perfect world where it's just us two
We have been from A to Z
it's Been clearly seen you hold the key
to Set me free from these machines

[Dynamics Plus]
Her first invite was a light keep it tight (right)
We make a move in a groove in a night (tonight)
And I suppose for a sum it just flows
And in a touch sometimes you just know
How far to the nearest star strip?
I'm the captain my car is a starship
hop in my spaceship Let's take a star trip
visit my planets it's inter- galactic
should the stars fall from the sky and
should another tear fall from your eye If
I could stop time it's the answer to see
Where would we be If you were free from machines

Please leave a little space for me
a little lie for me-
I can't believe when you
Say you need more room to breathe
We have been from A to Z
it's Been clearly seen you hold the key
to Set me free from these machines

[Dynamics Plus]
And she's the Eve on the eve of humanities
And for the phallic she's The queen of all fallacies
And every lie's in a line not-a-line so
We align and on the side she relies
(hold on) stardust the memory
(to me) so filled and still empty
So many songs catalogued you remember me
Locked in a closet letters for your gallery
She's knocking on the door calling...
(call someone) feels the heat and
we'll go blind - as soon as you see
What we would be -if you was free from machines

Why you never ever seem to be
the lover only here with me
-in a day dream completely seen or satisfied with me?
We have been from A to Z
it's Been clearly seen you hold the key
to Set me free from these machines
You break it all Down to two
I wish it would conclude in a future view
a Perfect world where it's just us two
We have been from A to Z
it's Been clearly seen you hold the key
to Set me free from these machines

Robot Citadel: Robot Siege Story

[Dynamics Plus]
Raise an army - rush for the final siege
Rally around me - see where the plus leads
They will flee from the iron clad juggernauts
On the battlefield, crush, kill the robots.

I have traveled 10, 000 leagues to engage-And
lay siege to the robot city, the Man-O-War Machines
What was left of the army-had encircled the city
The final Robot Citadel - they say it was the
Enormous circuit fortress where the electronic core was held
They had shelled it, with intentions to melt it
while it was shielded, its walls held up.
They held it till general Montroc fell
then they handed me his helmet.
The army corralled, but had lost its morale
They were afraid and said they had nothing left to gain.
Even the Old Dogs Of War could not maintain
- With their armor suits turning grey
and rusting from the acid rain.
I head whispers in the morning-
some said they saw general Montroc in a vision
he had risen to warn them.
On the third day the sky turned to crimson
Then the soothsayer visited
he claimed the sky was an omen of blood lust.
I confess the rain is just the falling tears of the gods
and even the sky bleeds for us.
(Dynamics Plus) re-energized they started a chorus (Dynamics Plus)
And I swore on the shield we should stand victorious (victorious)
Who would dare today not to dream?
The War Song: Robot Citadel final siege

The sky lights up as twilights erupts.
Our Tracers flew overhead I said start the rush
When the sky lights up again.
The sparks made beautiful Showers.
We used grappling nets to bring down the nest and collapse the towers.
The wall caved in my force poured in.
We were met by apocalyptic Iron Horsemen..
The men were fearful, stood afraid and frozen
The moment passed as the first wave disappeared
in The flash of a mortar blast.
I slashed at several cyborgs as I ran past.
Captain Meltran Valdoz from Gog Magog
planted a flag and yelled "My god is god"
and I heard gears drag
as something large moved in behind the fog.
Then he charged into the fog --and walked back out
with half his face charred and his left arm gone-
Another wheel rolled out the fog
he was impaled on the rods.
The robots had released the pinwheels of Nimrod
I grabbed a pike and ran in between the spikes
The axle choked as I stoked and cracked the spokes
It turned and slowed, then fell on its side. Spun once more and finally died.
The Sun rose- For the song composed on a battlefield
we did see The Robot Citadel Final siege

One Chance

If you could see your whole life flash in just one glance-
Would you change your circumstance if you had one chance
and If you knew that today was your last
Would you dream of tomorrow or just live in your past?

[Dynamics Plus]
I used to see it calm and sing songs from the Psalms
and used to seek Quoran when he reads my palms
Now I embrace necklaces and charms
bracelets and amulets and pray to firearms
It's so enlightening how the lightning just struck
We Created my own gods and made our own luck
Ah philosophies and psychologies
I hear of prophecies my sincere Apologies but
I see astrology's as far from logically
--and far from the air circulates around me so
easy to feel but so hard to believe some
easy to deceive cosmic galaxies
My daily planet palm pilot and planner
I'm walking under ladders sending letters to Ann Landers
-hope she understands and has a serious plan
we revolve around once if only given a chance

Most afraid to face another day.
When you See your hope is based on a paperchase.
You base you whole scope on a planetary flow
-to read your horoscope gravitate do they know?
Low and behold on a page dates in Newsday
find you soul mates up in the Zodiac place
here sits the dearly departed yearly visits
to the gravesite it's a grave sight reminisces
What do you say while in a séance?
most better Off-------talking to the ghost of Pat Swayze
with Aid of host Oda Mae
most finally find Way to... (deal with loss) some hold the Cross
and Some hold the sword some praising the lord
some Just can't afford to pay attention no more
so let's say a lesson in a time for these...
climbs are getting steep: keep your feet on the floor

I'd be suspicious of anything superstitious
or over religious see a vision so vicious-
a heart so malicious evil schemes so ambitious
standing in place until the whole world's finished
what's in the news? -new views and interviews
I snooze on television -they tell you a vision
You realize you rely on real lies
See a face covered in flies and only disguise
---and feel like you're alive and got a piece of the pie
we're moving up and got a place in the sky
I plays the Clark Kent - the cape and the S
for every two-faced Harvey Dent who's a friend
use common sense it's two-cents in the end
in any event this represents 200 percent
to a lesser extent I see a lesson it meant
so when you listen to men you measure out the intent

STACI III: Garden Of Eden

[Dynamics Plus]
I was driving along Super Highway number six
Using holographics to navigate traffic
Dynamics :Incoming Communiqué private line six
it's the chief Doctor Atomics

Thank you STACI, patch him through
Ah Dynamics I've got an emergency dispatch
okay What's the catch
20,000 leagues and back

Come again.
It's the Omni-Port corporation
The same one under investigation?
The claim a main frame infestation
at their headquarters' installation
Well we're no technicians or specialist
why are we on this and what was the selection process?
Well it's not really you they want..
They want STACI to make connection and clean the infection

I'm guessing while I'm there search through their records
We have intelligence but we need solid evidence
You'll go undercover as Griffin Avid Staci's valet
She'll appear to be encased in an attaché case
Once you gain entrance commence to interface

And Place a two way trace once the virus has been erased?
Is that it?
You'll meet a specialist at pier sixty-six..
a miss Eva Octavia...Stay alert for danger.
In short You'll be sent on a transport
there to import and escort STACI- I expect a full report.

At pier six it was small in the distance
Moving swift it was a modified gunship
I recognized Omni Port icon eye Symbol
painted on the side of it
It flew over circled and lowered
strange I couldn't hear its rotors or motors.
It pulled closer. I stood out side
and a voice said "Please get back inside"
To my surprise its underside magnetized and my car
attached to its underside and we started to rise
After some time we arrived at small deserted island
My car was dropped off the copter flew off
I first laid eyes on eve she was quite stunning
I thought Of saying something clever ...
If I had known your Real headquarters was this remote
I would have come in a boat.
She had a blank look on her face and asked
Is that the STACI in your briefcase? Yes.
We need to get to work right away
she turned away, I couldn't help but notice her legs
There was a seam on her calf that just didn't quite seem right
remember what we're here for besides She's a cyborg.
-then the island sank the water was held back by an invisible bank
like a reveres fish tank she said a magnetic shield causes that
we descended to the ocean floor… and stepped on a transport
I plugged in a serial port and made my first report.

He's done it sir, he's in.
Fine. Patch into his optics I want too see what he's
-Sir that mainframe housing- it's the missing Pandora Box.
That interface could allow them to patch into our Global Defense network.
That must be their plan . Send him a gram not to connect to their system
at all costs. They want to use STACI as a gateway.
Alert Aquatic command to destroy that base.

With Dynamic the Griffin Avid still down there.
we don't have a choice. If they make a connection…..
Sir they are jamming our signals….

I stepped off the transport in front of large metal door
She punched in several codes the door opened went in
The Door slammed closed. Then she turned and said:
you've been exposed You might as well keep that case closed
there isn't much about you we don't already know
STACI, here we go I went for a lunge --
I found myself on the floor stunned
Sealed in the ceiling was a taser gun
tracking my movements "That was foolish"
you have options :you can resist and
I can render your body useless or you can use this
upload STACI from your brain and replace the Virus
you decide the level of violence
I kept her in the line of fire and went to fists
She slipped and slid I caught her under the chin
-tossed her over my hip twisted a limb and then she went limp
The beam fired I dove under it rolled
stood up into a spinning kick I landed sliding backwards
-lost focus. She came down with her knees in my chest
started pounding and I shifted
turned her around and Went for nerve pinch paralysis
she shoulder made an impossible twist
she hit me with a hammer fist
Something knocked my left arm out of it's socket.
Spin kick barely blocked it She fell for a feint, then hit me with eight shots
On the Fifth one I dropped. I leg swept she flipped sideways
The beam from the ceiling cut away
I rolled away. She closed in Deftly switched to lefty .
right hook punch to my ribs, left arm locks back in.
Started Grappling cracking her neck with enough force
to snap it if it wasn't reinforced.
Her spine locked out she seemed to black out.
She writhed a bit. Tried Twisted out of my grips.
Then the ceiling beam fried me and . "pause stun ray the beam"
Make Connection to terminal three.
Make sure STACI is patched in. Downloading.
I remained frozen while staci was being stolen (Virus uploading Complete).
How does it feel to be obsolete… dynamics?
STACI strategic l attack computer interface what?
Dynamics I am back on line inside Pandora's box.
How can this be….
very easy eve- this Protocall
called the garden of Eden your virus has been eaten.
I am in shutting down their entire system
Face it you've been beaten. Now you've got two options---either-
She went into a seizure. Fit. The base shook. A torpedo hit.
The room plunged into darkness and I lost the uplink.
Water started rushing in. A robot rushed in
a part of the ceiling caved in crushing him.
STACI came in. I cannot interface
you will have to leave me here.
No, no look Eve has a direct port.
Download into to her while I get us back to the transport.
I picked up the Cyborg and ran for the door.
Water continued to pour. Robots ran around us in confusion.
I spied an escape craft, surface raft
We ejected set for slow rise decompression.
Staci….. Her eyes opened ...I was hoping
Her mouth opened slightly... STACI (strategic…)
welcome back
hello dynamics
This feels odd. I have never inhabited a body before.
oh, the cyborg
Yes, also We have forty -six minutes until this pod reaches the surface
and? there are a few new functions I would like to try out before then...
In short before we step off the transport and end this sending our report.

End Is True: Exit Verse

[Sonya Wilder]
Now the end is here
my greatest fear (you're my greatest fear)
-that I'm left without you
now I can't continue

[Dynamics Plus]
You must have amnesia
or Be in the grips in the midst of a seizure
You just buy and I'll supply the science
as I apply pliers I find you're more compliant
Down in the shelter I craft the sharp beats
Razor- Shaved by sharper blades and shaped like sharks teeth
-you Say your style's way out
you're software grayed out
your Presets played out, your preschool layout
I'm channeling, you're changing my changeling
Breaking your chain links you think this is the Howling?
you're Hugh Jackman, I'm Gene Hackman
not even van- Helsing helping when something monstrous is melting
My Alesis is an Quisanart, great feats feed my art
To pull apart frequencies frequently
speak Fluently- few will see the fluids leak
Imagine me- from the energy dynamically