lenzmen album 2 Lenzmen Album 2:
Magnify Lenz


What is this? This is my Masterpiece
I'm a mastermind: who is behind these works.
work done from within the earth, cracks and crevices never the less,
I unlock monsters out of my breath.
My flow gets berserk: Robot who shoots-
who bullet Robotix shot at his gun burst- right through you-
it threw you, pinned on the wall- then you flop.
Mind Rotating Glock choose you, blows you bits with one shot.
I got a plot to stop this mess. Why?
To infect your progress- stiff arm to your bicep.
I high-step, I get by, yep.
Take off in strides and get set to go-
in my altered flow. The beast within- inside of me grows.
Four Egos: in the man of the mind of four peoples.
There's four sides to this, one-man-course with years involved in it.
I grab the mic acid dissolving it.
As the world turns we revolve in it
This Masterpiece is a killer nobody solving it.

(What is this?) This is my Masterpiece
I'm a mastermind: who is behind these works.
What is this? This is my masterpiece
(What is this?) I'm a mastermind
(What is this?) This is my Masterpiece
I'm a mastermind. Who is behind these works?

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
I master the mind and how it works
In a shrine designed for the blind with ESP experts
I use the force like Vader to force your cross-fader
to change the rotation of the turntables
and levitate the record player arm back in the cradle
playing my verse in reverse to hear Satan
-still blow your home-entertainmeent Cerwin-Vega
I'll stab you in the heart with a syringe like Vincent Vega
say your prayers, take your vitamins like Hogan
your slogan is your holding more keys than Solomon
battling Dolph Lungren in Red Scorpion screaming freedom!
lunging for guns when I'm fenced in- I'm Crying Freeman
I'm sure to use a shank to get redemption
when I'm fenced in like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption

As midnight oil boils to coils to my intravenous
The strategic deep thesis of my Master pieces
I'm in a rhyme bout like "what you rhyme about?"
3 rhymes to my one -you rhymed out go sit in time out.
Don't tell me God killa zilla pulled your spine out.
Shit, I chewed every vertebrae and spit the slime out
You jelly fish rappers - are like the weakest link
attached to Frederick Douglass before he started running.
I'll be right there in a minute man I'm doing something
There's no rushing when a masterpiece is in production.
-continuous bussing Bernard Hopkins when he's punching
no interruption -like Anthony Hopkins when he's cutting

[Dynamics Plus]
Hey, let my cut in cause This is nothing
this particular rap will loosen the straps of your belt
You say you're really something, well, you should say something else
Who's the mannequin, the masked man you should marvel at?
carved from Marble with remarkable and marvelous raps.
Watch as I slap the A6 Across my lap, load up a string patch
to play Kung-Fu Hustle over tracks.
While Bill the Butcher notches his stick.
Aston kutcher gets nostalgic. Ask Doctor Spock logically I'm sick.
You not an artist take off the smock, you not that sharp.
This is my Masterpiece, a monster beast defines this art.

110 Cosmic Transmission

In God Killa-Zilla villa you just a mere Ewok
surrounded by giant metallic robots.
I pack this lyrical punch up in your lunch
your stomach can't hold it-
the middle of your conversation you're like 'hold it'.
The Grim Reaper's Trapper Keeper just unfolded.
My tongues molten-molded. Eroded from emotion.
Rap-battling, carry javelins, fully loaded.
My delivery is too complex; Yeah, I start writing on paper
to end up at your neck with Count Dracula, algebra coordinates.
My molar's a sonar radar accurate.
I touch you with invisible hands-
I land blows that brand your cells with bad heath.
I spit slugs you can't pour salt on.
When I walk on your mind I watch it detonate
I levitate cites, tanks and super-heavyweights
baggage from my lar-a-next to bugged mind state.
I navigate through your bullets- you look foolish.

[Dynamics Plus:]
Foot on the writers block, launch from the starters bloc
Shot from the Post-op slot of your mail box
--my sound bank top rank- (Over amplified Dynamics)
Griffin Avid is a fanatic in an attic while
Ann Frank hides from the Reich I write to Heidenrike
I sent a chain letter to Hannibal Lechter
Hey, I tried your diet and thanks for the face mask from
Quiet Riot. And don't forget to deliver
This note to the Riddler from the Joker via Frank Filler
I'm at the top of the key with Reggie Miller
Oh, And tell Lee I won't need his locker key
(you lose Carl Miller) Turn green for Ang Lee
I sent a sonic thesis from Alesis to Alicia Keys
I work verses to fireworks like Scott Key
To electrically, collect my energies (endlessly)
Transcending try sending entry
enter key delivery my pen is penned in with a
case pending with Sean Penn vending- venting
My Lenz Acting like Ben Franklin (focally)
My Foresight is like the kite, string and the key

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
I channel Gamma Rays to solar panels for light sources
just to illuminate my enormous fortress.
-know when to go forward and when to forfeit
you getting on after me touching the cord less
is slowly draining your Life Forces
kind of like walking aboard radioactive flying saucers
walk light and cautious you might get nauseous
when we take flight and ignore G forces.
You're in a concentration camp
while I concentrate in my Power Plant
on plans involving advanced-
dissolving implants through the skin or in the palm of your hand
every man has a brand or bar code to scan
and it's shame the government traded away bodies
to copy next-level planes and microwave technology.

Where Were you?

Bring your calculators for the Death Adder
Then add a back stabber
In adversary
I stab with vocabulary
Zillanova University Centri's song
Tattooed on palms for final exam death Scantrons
Forced entry, I bend through your alarm laser danger field
And stomp your Slomins shield reels with Centri
Drown in a shark filled C(sea) before you touch the E in Centri
You babies, your infantry is infancy
need a night-light for mics around my monstrosity
Your back will be the welcome mat to my monster city
We dribbled cannon balls the day you got cut off of varsity
You break mics down partially
on writers block when the street lights darkening
Looking for a life guard circled by my shark fin
-no surviving the starving pit in your front yard barking
summoned from my noggin
Zilla rap skills kill drill through bone hobbies
You're suicidal if your verses are choppy

When I was uti-lizing my time
(For the rhymes)
Where were you
(Where Where were you)
When I was behind enemy lines
Where were you
(Where Where were you)

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Mixtures of venom and blood intertwine
when I rhyme my mind goes into warp speed like deep space 9
remember me -my chemistry is blind
hibernate wit the enemy for the sake of old times
x rays and cat scans couldn't analyze
Terminator wit data designed to blind mankind
seldomly I reside in reality
brain dead Emcees get lobotomies
but like Aliens I can hide under your flesh
feed off your spine and at the right time climb through your chest
power to possess and molest minds like koresh
black I Buddha bless my tracks with chemical finesse
my fantastic, floatatious flows distort your coarse
I reinforce contaminated thoughts wit no remorse
it's Dr. Strange the voice you hear in the back of your brain
drain all of the fluids from your medulla to influence
switch change your vocal pitch
now we one in the same
I could control what u sayin like John Malkovich

[Dynamics Plus]
You admire greatly, I'm John Wayne Gasey
lately I'm a Gracie, gracefully executing Brilliant Brazilian Ju Jitsu-
spinning Ninjitsu, Yoshimitsu finishes his Ginsu
slicing into armor, carving my Karma.
From a Hindu dahlia Llama- I'm into yoga, yoga-Flame.
My father could be changed if he knew then politics of the game.
A lot of lyricists are the same, the consensus is
in Several seconds your cerebral senses strain to
Maintain or ascertain the mental frame I have attained.
The Lenzmen are destined to inhale the burgundy clouds
surrounding the cloud city of Bespin.
In emergency multiple rounds are virtually circling,
whirlwind verbally--- word burglary leads to certain surgery
inserting my verses personally- you impersonate my personality.
technicality. You're the worst in actuality.
Your actions speak louder than words- in a fantasy you're fantastic
attaching an ant-acid to my axis. The black planet Mylanta
Dynamics Mantis mind action: my tantrum.

Clear The Way

Clear the way we make these kind of songs everyday
Clear the way we make these kind of songs everyday
Clear the way we make these kind of songs everyday
And sometimes it's three, four songs a bust

Centri a.k.a Mr. Personality
Mr. Popularity
Great sense of humor after your fatality
I see with warped reality New York's Salvador Dali
But before clocks melt I intend to unbend
What separates me and you besides oxygen
It's the slaughter melon cauliflower power
The Ken Shamrock diseased poison ivy league scholar
The only ring is a rope around you white collar
I blast my guns till they melted to metals of honor
My ranks major disaster you saving Private Ryan
To get Purple Heart and medi-vaced out of Long Island

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
you fear the lenz alumni
shoot a flare in the air illuminate the sky
why at Roswell i kill foes and U.F.O's fly
in lab many buttons for panic
scientist slit your wrist wit a bic depressive manic
shock therapy and static enhance my brain patterns of logic
to advance my Manhattan Project
murder me for perjury microscopic surgery
man made suicide killing machine
assorted organs tossed into a dead audience
the black kovorkian playin accordions in accordance
to the coroners office if you wish
clear the way before i clear your name off the morticians list

Clear the way we make these kind of songs everyday
Clear the way we make these kind of songs everyday
Clear the way we make these kind of songs everyday
And some times it's three, four songs a session
At all times we keep yall niggas second guessing

[Dynamics Plus]
You been bombarded by a ray of small particles
Niggas clear the way I radiate Atomic Articles
My symphonic use of Ensoniqs (I'll rip out your optics)
With no optical obstacles I see clearly down field
How does it feel when your seat unlocks
At the top of the ferris wheel and your hero force field peels?
You've been revealed. Weak; reaching for my Soundwave
Screaming in pain as you're ejected from my Astral Train
My train of thought- throw the murder axe
And watch it circle back and murder certain circus acts
Anthony Perkins lurks and draws the shower curtains back
The Doc is certain: You're sick with coughing fits
I bet my coffin fits lyricists just your length and width
I download a large file and eat your bandwidth
The over-flow rhyme style defines this scientist
ASR-10 again, heavy impact the Lenz
Space alien, Magnificent 10, Clear The Way

You can't even see with your third eye
You're staring at me- wide and open
You sleep when your eyes are open
Flash my cloak- dagger surprise and pries you open
On my lab table- not able to move
Experiments done within two minutes
Completely finished, Magneto in my tree lineage
Pulling the crowd when I speak relentless
Wining wars in a high percentage
Brains damaged till your mind is finished
I'll blind when shining in vision
Red eye- high on the ism- getting me high
Freestyle with unlimited lives
Is Evil Knievel or is he alive or did he survive?


These Long Island Rappers...
Who's blessed with the gift of gab
and Lyrics stab wounds into the Jason mask- with him behind it.
I'll do it in a flash as Gordon.
Fight mode: to a rocket ship. Whiplash is forever slaughtering.
Mind Glock run out of bullets- infinite supplies I keep ordering.
I order them: aim precise. One shot will hit four other men.
No shelter covering them. No where to run, no where to hide.
About to walk/hit by Rotating Glock my tongue surprise.
Where do these cats come from? (Long Island)
C.I. Central I-slip by -past these bums
these dumb Muthas. undiscovered size under skin blubber.
Live challenger: uncovered, uncut, side of my grain I have loose nuts.
Can't be tightened- no type of wrench. I'm infected with sickness-
I'm a Grinch- stealing my own scripts. Send em off to my man Apocalypse
my mail express is a rocket ship. Doors open I hop in and split.
What's all the Commotion about? (Us)
Long Island rappers who bust
take on the world a mission a must
so hush, never sleep. flows will ambush and we'll touch and we'll meet.

[Dynamics Plus]
From every Kappa the Greek to the athletes from Crete
with the cleats on their feet to clean sweep over the sickest beats
to compete to completely defeat, completely deplete
the energies of emcees a thousand degrees of furnace heat.
They receive and seize, breathing recedes till they feel fatigued.
You're the food that I feed, the thirst and the first fool to bleed.
take a big bull, exhale a lung full
it's a handful of tea leaves, here nigga try these
it's loose sheets of loose leaf, let loose spit like I leak.
Your crew's too weak- you lose sleep. Iron Sheik puts you sleep.
Screaming like Star Scream "there's that faggot Ultra-Magnus"
Slave rapper before Maximus, I was Douglas in Sparticus.
the hardest working rapid rapper artist asronist.
definition of Griffin Mantis: Monstrous scientist
-conducting a symphony of Xperiments.
When you see this feat-
you should rise to your feet from your coliseum seats.

[Doctor Strange]
the three sickest, squamous, spittin rhymers
music producing mucus rappers that practice
hypnotism to bleach your cabbage
and subdue and maneuver your medulla clueless
the same brain damage that managed
to make Elizabeth turn against Savage
i could do this, to various actors verses producers
start makin Wes Craven enslave Jason
wit' the claws of Krueger when i spit
i could pit more stars at war than George Lucas
or like Tyson getting bit an sliced wit razors
in the dark fightin Darth Vader with Darth's sabers

Green Planet

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
wet dreams on green planets assorted colored timbs
rings diamond studded flooded to the brim
a compatible but battling Leo
i could be driving a rattling Geo
and she makes me glow
but don't gas me I left my ex-vixen
on a milk carton missin'
for mixin' predictions like Cleo and Jean Dixon
a star glistens in a far and distant solar system
gettin behind your panties and bra is like a mission to mars
the spillage of blood around the nation during menstruation
forms the womb of the moon every 28 days
in comparison wit the rotation around the earth
breakin the sound barrier till birth or star birth
anyone who doesn't submit to the sun from birth
is cut out the light thus leaving
that planet or star to fall back to the Earth
once a rising star now a fallen meteor
casted back into the universe a mediocre whore
as your fertile soil grows to sterile you'll never show
you'll soon be the moon the old earth as we know it

[Dynamics Plus]
Should the stars fall from the sky and worlds liquify
I find these words inadequate to say how I apologize
I mean to convey- I was wrong in Better Days.
It should never have Lisa Hayes verse Lyn Minmei.
I exhale my last breath to give you one more day
as you inhale my life and death/face fades to grey.
Cumulus clouds accumulate/I close my eyes I see your face
Let me express this point very accurately
we fight so passionately and that defines our chemistry.
A big catastrophe: scientist builds a spaceship
a fast rocket ship to carry on in our relationship.
the day to day basics- it's not based on ornaments.
ensured to endure this is based on my experience
exit my universe- this verse is words of re assurance
I learn this lesson: Lenzmen moving massive
verbally magic, Dynamic spins off the Green Planet.

It's like magic is real- so many that I've seen
witness queens for kings- the light that your face brings
I would do anything because you make everything
right in this world- and we should re shape the world.

Chicks..What do they got to offer? they offer a lot.
What a man don't got: The soft side. Many hide.
Showing off their pride. with hardcore they try to hide.
a hidden side though clicks-highlights your rides.
driving by screaming "let's get high."
Feeling your thigh- no matter what you're still a queen in my eyes.
Passing me by on the wayside, the Pharcyde-
wanting money from dummmies running weak lines.
calling you honey- if money was everything- I'd marry the bling
when flashing the thing like gold rings
with long chains- me without it, it seems strange.
I ask your name- world's changed since the Dox came
and landed. You're invited to my Green Planet
it's so simple, lyric riddle hope you understand it...

Anyway, my champion love letters
defeat any battle rhyme as we together
I know he got pistols like I know we got issues
the reason I do these things is simple: I miss you.
My love is strange enough to plant a seed on you Menstrual.
We kiss our child like my rhymes kiss the instrumental.
Like I know I'm crazy. Not over you- I'm just crazy.
But over time you'll understand I'm crazy for my lady.
You opened emotions that my trust has been concealing
That's why I say I'm sorry to show you I got feelings.
My heart drops for your world of perfection
you catch it and protect it with your words of affection
-till our hands planted- we're handed to my Green Planet.
and in my blood stream you help me stay above granite
9-11 zero one nuclear power planet.
But in my world beautiful, we're the only ones standing
anyway..so champion love letters
Defeat many battle rhymes as long as we together.

Battle Planet Story

[Dynamics Plus]
(Captain to the bridge)- I'll make this short
Captains Star log, Star date update Report:
"We are about to arrive and engage the Alien Planet 5
Collide and survive where most that tried have died
We dedicate this commission to the ships that are missing
We are the vanguard of that final frontier.
Most of you Understand the importance of being here
To deliver this payload and avenge the destruction of our home."

To the Lenzmen/ helmsmen: "Break warp, set course."
We used the Ionic Disruptor- to cause the Force
Fieled to peel;it was ironic;
it exploded in a most beautiful cluster
that almost collapsed our shields
Next, they sent scores of insects to intercept
Small ships called Streakers, that static burst of the speakers
alerts us to the Star Screamers.
I can hear the screams of the burning cities.
Gunner, fire the small batteries
The laser seeks in great sweeps
A few must have gotten through- "Maintain course continue."

The Battle Planet came into view-
clouds of toxic, noxious gaseous fumes-
ejected into the atmosphere in towering plumes of iridescent hues
10, 000 worlds consumed by this star of doom
The huge monstrous centrifuge needed fuel
We let off the heaviest tool.
We waited, waded through the Shockwave
then it seemed to come alive
the cloud mass around its equator parted the sky
-dissipating into the shape of an eye-
with a giant solar flare inside. Electrical strikes raked our sides
Everything went short- from the spikes
-down to emergency power and life support
Self-destruct in six minutes- "all hands abandon ship."
I said "Navigator: not you."
"Sir, you weren't about to give up were you?"

And I said "Very true, bring us around full circle."
"Send out the beacon for the escape pods, arm the
payload, we'll use this ship as a lightning rod."

Then She squeezed my hand, said a small prayer to her god.
Kiss my cheek whispered "True and Living" then Oblivion.

Hardcore Wrestler II

My Franken Steiner on your Adams apple separates your clavicle
Figure-Four fractures knee marrow
Suffocate you in my fatal cradle wrap you up like pharaoh
Hit you with the move of death
payoff the ref now you praying for tomorrow
Enter my barbed wire empire
This Lex Luther with Lex Luger maneuvers melt intruders
Battle the ring announcer for his mic to take flight
You scared perspiring your face paint melting as I recite
Cause your brand new I let you win on your debut
To crack you with a steel chair so what you won by DQ
I split your shampoo
The ref the timekeeper or commissioner
couldn't get this grim reaper off of you
I'm the vampire interrupting all your interviews
I small package the average you Randy Poffo when I'm a Savage
You Greco-Roman moves can't touch an Ultimate Warrior
Gorilla Zilla press that process you to the coroner
Then I'll corner ya Great Kabuki spitting at your cornea
Paul E Dangerously Bashing you with his cellular
K.Oed now You wake up hearing fans laugh at your pimple face
Yeah I knocked you out took of your mask reached in my stash
Grab my brass knuckles your knees bucked collapsed on your ass
Abdullah the Butcher chomp Garvin stomp Kamala splash

[Chorus Chant]
My rule breaker behavior will always survive
You tongue tied, clothes-lined and hung out to dry
You best take a dive, never dis-qualified
I always hire referees that can't count to five.

Heart Beat

Hard rhymes, hard crimes, Hard times catch up
So if you got it by your waistline cobra clutch
Soft lines, Soft minds, Soft spines get touched
So if you see me in the streets you best proceed to bust
When you push play and record what's there to discuss
If you know the earth begins spins and ends with us
If you know the earth begins spins and ends with us
If you know the earth begins spins and ends with us

Your life's about as fucked up as mine we got jerked
And I survived suicide six times it don't work bitch
You should've read up your infer reds not red enough
Cause even if you use that whole clip I won't be dead enough
It's, the brain food dietitian, Ayo you famished
I hiccup uppercuts you choke on a knuckle sandwich
Bloody face ketchup all over my canvas
All them questions and you ain't got none of the answers
To life's puzzle, Nah you just trying to get a piece out my muzzle
Cause you licking out a dirty puzzle
Life's a bitch, and money makes the mother fucking man
Centri's trying to do the best that he can
But once this Zilla shit hits the fans
One dose and they want me to hit em again
Cause I out think the drinker through 18 bars
And I out drink the thinker through 18 bars
And you a slave to my rhythm slumped and hung over
Picking cotton outta aspirin bottles to keep you sober

[Dynamics Plus]
Innovative variations of oration
authoritative presentations in narration
the equation: loquacious with quotations
Medicated, heavily sedated by my cadence
interrogated, in terror you stated (imitated)
intimidated in a minute timid kid reached his limits
Kid napped- kid got kid-napped- consider this flow.
I compose ransom notes. (Take notes)
No I don't like him and sound nothing like him
I operate and amputate whichever hand he holds he hands the mic in.
I stuck pins in his artificial limbs till his voodoo doll says
"Yes, yes Y'all." Ventriloquist: The Mad Scientist conducts Xperiments
as the Dynamics Plus for emphasis this is the asterix.
For lyracists when the Islands is the focus.
I burn corrosive, melt the eye-lids off the closest.
Plus, absorb your thoughts through osmosis to bust
my murderous Lenz are dangerous!

No need to tell my life story (Why?)
Many emcees bore me (How much?)
Your tired lines make me drink 40s
I hold your ice for a long time/makes your raps watery
Dynamics Plus imported my/in an orderly fashion
(yo Dox, in what order?) From One to Four
(my hearts grown dark and cold like charcoal)
For the heartbeat tone you turned cold then froze...

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
You won't make to the morgue, but you'll still be able
to be cut open connected to cables
/spread across a table under the floor boards of my front porch
(to laboratories where we perform lobotomies
urgent emergencies to delete your heart beat)
making open your own trachea to see how obvious
the coagulated blood sits in your esophagus.

Scientific Community

Hallway In White (3-way Dance Part II)

[Dynamics Plus]
I'm so calm in Socom, the kings of the Silicon
I'm so underground, from the Lenzmen.com intercom
I transmit sitting in the same pit where they found Saddam
-sending a sonic bomb Via Viacom
-I see Emcees through the CBS eye icon.
Not even a Nikon Lens designed by Bouche and Lomb or the terrible
interrogation terrorist tactics used by the Viet Cong can
breakdown the LenZ Lexicon. I'm an agent beyond James Bond.
You're not an artist, you're a con in a car with James Caan.
I'm in the soundproof -it's a toll booth I'm screaming is it on?!
I'm Crying Freeman, I'm Morgan Freeman
I'm closer to Gordon Freeman in Halflife,
you're an old security guard with a flashlight
who's record has seen the end of its Shelflife
The Radioshack 9 Volt cat down to his last life
Flows are heavy draining your Eveready, rebuilding my Dynasty
With Foresight like John Forsythe enhanced 3-Way Dance

My Byron Long song split your virgin version
Sick thoughts incubate like R.Kelly as a virgin
Word surgeon display your organs in portions
--Whatever lost is tossed into the Lenzmen auction
His body softens from the clutch Northstar touch
Those who need a crutch combust with their tails tucked
An orphan isolated often for rebelling
Progressing past my peers who couldn't stop their heads from swelling
Where I'm lurkin bodies hit the surface
Helmets popped off and cursing with a mouth full of detergent
Your worthless worship what you can't destroy or decoy
The Black Caesar from Troy employs Achilles androids
Send seizures to the seezers of your cyborgs when annoyed
The king sits in his thrown and hangs whoever when he's bored
Send my men to stomp your kids when their born
There gone
--Tell the judge in hell I swore to earn the rank of Spawn
From Yellow Five to Red Dawn
Pretty colors pretty birds
Vultures and black crows nipping at your nerves

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
in the lab Dr Strange is cat amazed
you're a rat in a lab that's trapped in a maze
lyrical hitmen the Lenzmen are the best
to brandish cannons and furnish a death list on request
post cards wit my regards and best wishes
i'm Charles Bronson holdin a cannon in Harlem wit 3 Death Wishes
glitches in the Matrix makes this look easy
look through 3-d glasses to see me in the t.v.
enticed but not dramatic
like Carolann trapped in a trance enhanced by the black and white static
at night i use wigi and a mic to perform a poltergeist
revoke your life wit a bolt of light like Christ
enlisted in the Armored Core
I'm armed to the teeth
beyond belief i'm M.D. Geist release your arm wit a sword
on PPV I wanna see AVP V.S. AVX 3

Higher Dictions

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
Mummified I slide out my pyramid "Hybrid" highly exalted king
bring your exhausted rhymes to my alter
I alter prophecies and the tides of seas in Madrid
global warming warning when the barrel spins the gats warming
performing acrobatics my ill dramatics
entice then heist your attention span like Carolann wit TV static
the Lenzmen foreign intelligence like the Kremlin
espionage, camoflauge like the Predator when i skin men
Hybrid, not for the squeamish
suicide sound bomber
dominant verbal Islamic extremist
heat seeking Hybrid slid out his palace
to the pulpit of hostile apostle's while the Dr performs strange malice
I ride chariot's of fire wit whips
my desire is to sit and own gold thrones like Sparticus
you can't resist to tremble when you see the Lenz symbol
as I forge my Excalibur sword and form my higher dictions.

Through Stargates I translate
and break down scriptures
of the ways and how
you praise my pictures like chairman Mao - Higher Dictions now
restricted rooms treasure tombs hidden by hieroglyphics give pictures
of my neck hanging pet strangling boa constrictors
my wrist waves wands
to restore bogs to Golden Ponds
we came Noah's Ark in the dark
raiders of the lost holocaust
4 tyraiders plunder under Raydens thunder
dressed in a vest wit a Lenz crest on the quest for the link of Zelda
I unveil the scroll to tell tales of old
7 Cities Of Gold I para-sail the globe
watch me strut in King Tut's robe
the mastermind Hybridian
sitting in the zenith of the Prime Meridian
Mesopotamian idols Egyptians explaining in recitals
my vital signs and life lines
pulse missing as sandstorms glisten
christians in church praised me at birth hybrid berserk
for what it's worth
Higher Diction from the Lenz will cleanse the earth - soul search

Imminent Danger

[The Hybrid Doctor Strange]
you headed for eminent danger
Dr Strangah rearrange your face like Schwarzenegger's
outside the chamber
change of events chain me to a chain link fence
mainly to prevent events and I'll commence
to make reference to you in the past tense
when lab class ends I'll stab you wit mad glass ends
and just by chance it all began
wit a dirty glance i gave you through my microscopic lenz
and Last Summer I Know What You Did
I'm that janitor in your school boiler room bleedin your friends
pokin your joints and limbs wit points of pins first
pushin you past the point of pagin the school nurse
whose to blame Dr Strange came wit a cruel verse
shoulda used your brain instead of pullin your tool first

[Dynamics Plus]
When I black, fans standing in the back
should feel the Backdraft of the flames fanned back
fans should stand back this not a moment
of adoration or alleviated appreciation
it's an apparition an apparent rendition
of larynx control and condition 'the acidic mixing the collision of a
Foresight vision.
My time's over-run just like my sub
when it sits submerged beneath
underneath a big battleship
torpedo spits into aquatic coridoor slips
the Hulk rips, the hull, splits in the back where the engine sits
when the captain rings the bell but no one answers it
when the diving bells signifies the fall to utter blackness
you're dining unconsciousness, sliding onto the canvass
it's the Silent Service Plus The Griffin Mantis.

Ego #3: Syntaxx my words coming
coming words, monsters I'm summoning
raging clouds and thundering storms
my brain storm in many ways you cannot perform
when I deform your wack delivery
man entity entering into Predacane
a Predacon brings intensity from another dimension
did I mention my other henchmen
Omega Supreme- the one Flints in
orbiting Earth to attack in packs
like wolves we surround like sound
can't escape that. In fact I'll bring back up
Banshee yelling, hourglass cracks
shatters time's wasting
Syntaxx forever waxing
When I wax the underground world I wrap up
Then I stack up and down the road they call back up...
they never came- pure slack up.
Haul you off in my black truck
charcoal dust covers up- you're out of luck.

now everybody real quick to grip the mic
but what slips from your lips could make you lose your life
the rise and fall in the hype of the twilight
you headed for imminent danger on your way to the spotlight

Interactive Construction Module

I'm Oswald paranoid behind odd walls Pink Floyd
Arachnoid Spider Lenz and my amazing friends are now employed
Sharpened utensils my mental and a pencil
New World Order of slaughter my mind's on the devil's menu
On badlands like Captain America in Afghanistan
Lens Crafter grappler Al-Qaeda trained Aladdin
Wrapped in suburban turban
Vocabulary stabbing you to portions
Dicing up your organs just to fit two in a coffin
Got coffins coughing organs my Little Shop of Horrors
Is disguised as an Adults Shop to perform Adult abortions
It's non stop around the clock my thoughts a morbid orbit
With my thumb in your throat forcing you to forfeit
Heaven doesn't want me and hell's afraid I'll reign
strains to drain my brains a leaky faucet precipitate pain
Can't catch your balance on my violent hydro plane
How many scars will you collect on your road to fame?
My thoughts are deep I quantum leap when I concentrate
From Ricky Lake to Crystal Waters to Ricky Waters
Then I awake in Crystal Lake
You'll need a handicapped license plate
once I amputate your legs.


Shock therapy! - without insulin it all natural
cure mental disease lyrical therapies
poor reflex, habitual reaction to stress
forces of aggression form a block I still cock
with remarkable consistency cat, I wouldn't try it
neutralize your mainframe with excruciating pain
inexplicable infectious disease will numb you up
emphasize a better way medical bills can be a bitch
flow leak you need a stitch
shit is weak you need to switch. Hate the right lane
Where's your fucking signal?
Why provoke my lid to flip?
the anti-lock reduce tension on the grip
arsenic supplies of water from Bangladesh
clog my drain up with Residue- claiming it wasn't you
who the fuck you think you're talking to huh?

For Centri's anatomy water brain tragedy
My automatic autopsies presidential casualties for salaries
I'll- liquefy your epidermis for my thermos
My furnished mental furnace now a thought metropolis
My psycho dome converses to your microphone alone
You and Yaku scientist make your primitive Centri clones
Tell your hygienist about my MC halitosis
over doses grammar radiation
Voice box locked in the penalty box with Jason
leaves the doctors pacing
Viral with a spiral spinal stops vitals on viral
As solid gas and liquid Drano drips out your anal
My three legged unstable table of context
list which parts of your neck to dissect
See glossary for which body parts next
Harnessed to cause carnage crafting comprehension
My intentions are first and inches to the next dimensions
Under my domes a chrome ink filled engine
I think on the brink of brain cell division on composition
Competitions rendered helpless till you melted

[Dynamics Plus]
My scissor snips you wrist and finger tips
your fist slips Into mittens
sickness inter-mission, hits is intermittent
Fronts bit, melt your writtens
scripts submit to this submission
This is twisted lyricism, insists that is missing
Wrapped in lassos, casket closed, irrational
manic animal goes -- rapid taps it out
mechanical manacle, mandible, mangles, man-handles angles
Intestines tied and tangled, danger see the stranger strangle
At stranger angles, snap your ankle, with your tongue entangled
And match your casket match and place your mask up on my mantle.
Light a candle; vigil: missing individual
visit the Visual the issue missile whistles hits you
Chewing through your brain tissue don't miss the clue
Scan the residue and see who the fuck you talking to?

[The Hybrid Doctor strange]
assault & battery don't provoke me
a remote controls me wit a sick acidic 9 volt battery
and just cause I act and rap different here's a lesson
it don't mean there's not a black Smith and Wesson
and other old weapons from old westerns
restin in between my spleen and intestines
my suggestion? count your blessings
when I'm out testing colts to explode and expose your outestines
i believe in interweaving deceiving
encryptions in my writtens like the Egyptians
I'm involved in evolving preservatives and embalming
I'll bury you wit you jewels like Tutenkaumen
and we aint got nuttin in common
especially once I'm done carvin my name in your maimed carcass
a reporter asked for a interview
I said before you do scan the residue
and see who the fuck you talkin too?!

Mister Meanor Felon

I'll crack your melon and spit the seeds at your cerebellum
My first name Mr. Meaner my last name Felon
Nocturnal inferno black human torch I'm thermal
Eternal verbals pages in my mental maze enslaves the journal
Reminiscing of the last Mc who screamed submission
I finished with a blank hit list completed my mission
Catch a busy signal from my mental infinite ammunition
Centri 21 real estates on different dimensions
Spies in my mental with cameras tying to spy
My brain cells collide and fry to unify
To what called my third eye, which hesitates to die
Which hesitates to die which hesitates to die

Out the casket labeled basket case
Master of disguise call me casket face
A Red Skull mask my heart pumps in a black glass
If looks could kill call me casket face
in case the pace maker breaks
Centri's the un-licensed surgeon malpractice activist
Dragging MCs through deaths uterus
How can you think with your head spinning like this?
He said to the exorcist musicianist with a twist
Merciless till dead fish float to the surface
The boa construct Cobra Clutch
Snake fist to venom hiss to venom mist
My venom never miss transmit through transit
Olympic CD discus throwing medallist
Snake Fist to venom mist to Golden Arms
to metallic palms to bronze
Un-diagnosed Holy Ghost to unholy Quorans
Pentagram to pentagons Lenz phenomenon
Crimson Tides to Golden Ponds suicides notes dear johns
Futurist linguistic Ghengis Khan firearms
The devils comes in many forms
From contract forms as combat forms

Zhombie Joint

[Chorus] Who's that knocking at the door
who's that coming through the floor?
Who's got us ready for the war (Zhombies)
What's that seeping through the crack
What's that coming through the back?
what's got us ready to attack (Zhombies)
something goes bump in the night
something just doesn't feel right
now we can't sleep without the lights cause of (Zhombies)

I'm encased and pacing in my basement
Glancing over plans to make enhancements to my next power plant -
10, 000 amps of surround sound my modular..
It's lenz 3, Centri on my cellular
what up Drew? what you getting into?
(I'm working on the sickest--)
Hold up that's Doc beeping through
Tell him I said what up.
I was just about to call you
What you getting into?
That's why I'm calling you)
I'm about to head over Drews with a few brews in a few
Cool, I some sick chicks to come through
Yo, they fatties on some stripper shit like last time?
They closer to a playmate poster What time?
First I gotta cop a couple Dutches- get my edge up
You got that Hendrix stuff?
The Z-dub zombie puffs?
That's what's up. Aight lemmie tell Drew.
Me and The Docs about to come through
[Dynamics Plus]
..this dude coming through with the white on white
Smelling like Curve and shit.
Doc's got some cuties coming through in a minute.
what's this?
I got some new shit.
Turn it up...
I know I got something for this...
What's up with this
I just copped this sick zombie flick
It's independent I don't know
it don't look low budget, rewind it
It's probably the Doc...
Jehovahs Witness (get out of here)
who me ? I got the blunts and beer
It's about time you got here
Yo, what up with the Fed-ex truck?
I don't know he just rolled up
I'm about to hit the kitchen and roll up-
hold up you mix the drinks and I'll roll up.
now who's this
Is that the chicks?
Some nigger selling some bullshit
-get outta here!
We should peep this flick till they get here
what is it?
Zombie shit
Dynamics, gimmie something to light this.

[the Hybrid Doctor Strange]
You can catch the doctor locked up
I'm over the kitchen sink
pouring liquor and drinks experimenting so don't blink
concocting noxious multi-flavored alcoholic options
- ready to get this party knocking who's knocking?
too busy watching
the blunt passed and popping like
it's pop-locking smoke with no options for oxygen
blunt smoking contest. Is he still conscious?
-smoking that D-day.
-got a nigger feeling like Shawn of The Dead on Z-day.

Pass up the shot gun/ I shot one/ grab the shells
off the shelf/ arm yourself/blast 'em well/blaze to hell
Work release the work piece/ my nine piece/makes a crease
I blow his piece/ rest in peace until the body twitching cease
[Dr. Strange]
My killing spree /spitting shells relentlessly
The murder scene/bloody scream /douse his faced with kerosene
Grab candle/gat handle/pistol whip/ignited it
And seen him blow
Barricade hallway /blast away/the arcade
12 gauge/the AK/ my gun play/ Clear The Way
In my Residence the evil dead house of a thousand
Thoughts of my stage play (ghosts are surrounding)
It's Shawn of the nightmare (Dawn of the after)
28 days final living zombie chapter


You focused and hocus pocus like magic
It's tragic what happens when you devoted to rappin
You focused and hocus pocus
Like magic shit gets tragic

I'm a product of generation X
Raised by dys-functional family and television set
Progress limited regardless of intelligence
Shit, my melanin is from the wrong continent
Depressed my success for the bright side is jaded
Trying to squeeze through this funnel that's over populated
You call it rap music where money hungry one hit wonders
Over rule real talent causing confusion
They say I'm to creative they say I'll never make
They say I need to be more crime sex and drug related
To ambitious to give up and say I'll never be rich
But talent becomes a hobby when you got to pay your rent
Walked in this business starving with no shirt on my spine
And plans to leave with my own restaurant and clothing line
Until then I'll interpret life like I'm Christopher Reeves
Who couldn't escape his situation with his S(the letter) cape
And alcohol floods the mind to build Taj Mahal
My future plans upon plans still trapped by four walls
With black mood rings Mark McGwire mood swings
Swinging at your world on a mission to spark a change
I'm speaking on the big picture and in reality
I'm at this 9 to 5 ice grilled cause my mentalities
To engineer my mental to crack an instrumentals dental
To pin your brain and win that platinum inter-continental

[The Hybrid Dr. Strange]
Thoughts I got by the unorthadox mind of the Doc gleam
for top 10 spots on the Billboard I have a dream
of a starvin' artist and emcee's wit billboard's that read
"will rap for food", Popcorn Chicken washed down wit Mountain Dew
labels changed your mood to gun claps and snaps in every interlude
changed the way that you act in every interview
wit a vampire, pokin holes in your image till you expire
no shelf life, retired and no longer desired
Spencer For Hire, the cheddar
you was brought to give thoughts to EA Sports and Sega
you a swartze-nigga
Running Man doin the runnin man for paper
you need a facelift, raps is makshift
your mindstate is, basic like Neo vs. Agents Smith in the first Matrix
the lenzmen can bend and blur your optic focus
take notice, my mic devotion
is known to bring out all my deepest emotions